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About us

The Floor depot continues to offer the highest quality of flooring expertise, highest quality brands, materials, and installation. The Floor Depot wants nothing less than your complete satisfaction, which is what our company is built on.

With 28 years of installation experience, specializing in wholesale and retail, and many years of reputation, The Floor Depot Company has four-sided locks, which are quick and easy, not afraid of falling off, and fast and firm floors. The company emphasized that if any company’s floor locks are comparable, they can be compared! If you want quality, come directly to The Floor Depot. Don’t buy cheap ones outside and use them for a few months.

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Our Product:

  1. Ultra-environmental protection: No formaldehyde is involved from raw materials to production, so it is truly zero formaldehyde. Take care of your health.
  2. Super wear-resistant: The surface adopts the expensive resin wear-resistant layer used on the spectacle lens, and the wear-resistant revolution reaches more than 10,000 revolutions, which greatly extends the service life of the floor.
  3. Super Waterproof: Fully waterproof, soaking in water does not deform or foam, and can be used in the bathroom. The unique anti-skid technology has more friction when exposed to water and does not slip.
  1. Super elastic comfort: Professional rebound layer technology design, professional tens of thousands of times of blind thickness measurement design, so that the floor is not easy to be broken by 180 degrees, and the foot feels better and more comfortable.
  2. ultra-flexible and silent: solve the noise concerns such as loud noise when stepping on the traditional floor, and can absorb sound and reduce noise by 50%.
  3. Super fireproof: The fireproof grade reaches B1 level, no open flame, and has obvious flame retardant effect.
  4. Ultra-convenient installation: solve the worries that traditional floor installation is time-consuming and labor-intensive and brings a lot of powder layer.
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